Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Association

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We would love to fill this section will history of the Iowa State RBA. If you have any information regarding the history of our club please send it to Becky Stock.

Lifetime Membership is similar to a Hall of Fame often seen in other organizations.  We are pleased to honor our members who have gone above and beyond in their service to  the ISRBA and the rabbit and cavy hobby by granting them lifetime membership in our club.  


The candidate must meet the following requirements:

1. To have raised rabbits for a minimum of fifteen years

2. To be an ISRBA member in good standing for fifteen years

3. To be at least 50 years of age

4. To have served on the ISRBA by being a director or held an office

5. To submit a letter written and signed by three members not related to the person being nominated and able to give proof for the rules above


If you are considering nominating someone for life membership, please contact Tracie Pearce for more information.